English language editing service

englanniksi.fi is an affordable, high-quality language editing service that provides you with a native language editor to review your dissertation or scientific article in just a few days. All our editors have a relevant university degree and years of work experience.

As a member of Finnish academia, I know the requirements of the clientele. I defended my dissertation at the University of Turku in 2013. Before that, I was frustrated with the high cost and variable quality that was available for scholars willing to have a native professional edit their manuscripts. Fortunately, I met April during my Fulbright visit in 2010. She has relevant education (BA English + TESOL certificate) and years of experience editing scientific articles and dissertations. After seeing the quality she had, I launched englanniksi.fi so that she could help other scholars in Finland.

Since the launch, we have edited 1.000+ scientific manuscripts written by clients from practically all Finnish universities. Feedback has been consistently positive and as the number of orders has increased, we have expanded our team with other native professionals with similar backgrounds (relevant university degree and work experience).

As the business grows, the aim doesn’t change: to provide a high-quality language editing service with a quick turnaround and affordable prices.

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Valtteri Kaartemo, D.Sc. (Econ.), CEO

(starting from July 1st, 2021)

100+ pages : 7.00 € / page (incl. VAT)
41-99 pages : 8.50 € / page (incl. VAT)
11-40 pages : 9.50 € / page (incl. VAT)
1-10 pages  : 12.00 € / page (incl. VAT)

*1 page = 300 words

Minimum order: 25.00 €

Delivery time

We aim to address your needs as soon as possible, so we always reply to your emails within 24 hours. We start editing a project as soon as we receive the file. Language editing usually takes 2–3 days for articles. For dissertations, it usually takes about a week at the minimum (depending on the length). If you have a longer dissertation or book project, it is wise to send us an email in advance. We always agree with delivery times, and will aim for faster delivery if that is necessary.

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